Friday 16 February 2024


 Philippians  3 : 10

I want  to know you  Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings,becoming like him in his death 

Many think that speaking in tongues and prophesying or even praying long hours  is an assurance that they know him (Jesus),knowing Jesus is far more bigger than all this things, remember if knowing Jesus is all about what we stated above , apostle paul will not desire to know him more, because he operates in them all,we need to hunger more for him because is a  very powerful and most important thing one can achieve here in earth, imagine John beloved know Jesus so much  that he was nicknamed  JOHN BELOVED , and upon that when he saw Jesus in Rev  1 :17  bible he become dead man. Honestly knowing him more is too powerful, desire him more and you will never regret it because the more you want  is the more  you want more . 

The lord bless you in Jesus name

My name is prophetic man Ebelenna 

 Grace found me



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